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    • Downloading Tales Ragnarok Online is easy as 1.... 2.... 3....  FULL INSTALLER (FOR PC)     LITE INSTALLER (FOR PC)  
    • As you all know Tales of Ragnarok wouldn't run if there are no Game Masters in game that will make the server much more interesting. We can 99.9% assure you that our staffs are not corrupt and we don't spoon feed players. All staffs of TalesRO has a yellow name with no GM Sprite. All staffs except the Administrators does not have @item  Below are the list of our Ragnarok Game Masters and positions.   Zeref™
      Position: Server Owner, Developer
      Location: Los Angeles, CA
      Language: English, Filipino Aeon™
      Position: Co-Administrator | Head Game Master
      Location: San Francisco, CA
      Language: English, Chinese      
    • walang problema sir
    • http://talesofragnarok.com/index.php?/downloads/
    • Greetings my fellow adventurers,   Server will undergo a major changes to the server this includes repositioning of NPC, new main town, the maintenance will take about 5 to 7 days to test everything and we will do everything in our power to make it more interesting.   Server is also going to be accessible by Game Masters only.    This is not GOODBYE its just a BE RIGHT BACK   Best regards, Reaper™  
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