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  1. 99/70 Transcendent Jobs with Expanded Jobs and Super Novice Mid Rate Server Base : x100 / Job : x100 --> Rates <-- Normal Item : x100 Misc Item : x100 Equip Item : x100 Healing Item : x100 Usable Item : x100 Granted Item using card : x100 Boss Equip/Item Drop : x10 MVP Bonus : x10 Normal Card : 3% Mini/MVP Boss Card : 0.01% Mini/MVP Boss Misc Item : x10 Mini/MVP Boss Equip Item : x10 Mini/MVP Boss Healing Item : x10 Mini/MVP Boss Usable Item : x10 --> Server Settings <-- Episode 13.2: Into the Unknown Pre-Renewal Setting Main Language: English Maximum Attack Speed: 190 Instant Cast Dex: 150 Main Town: Prontera Server Protected Gepard Shield God Items enabled(nerfed) Untradeable --> Main Features <-- In-Game Events Account lock control panel feature War of Emperium Vanilla War of Emperium Merchant Sack Item [Enables you to vend with non merchant class] Instance Brisingamen Quest Skill and Stat Request Official headgear quest VIP System Each town has its own save points --> Player @commands <-- @go @iteminfo @monsterinfo @whodrops @time @autotrade @duel @accept @invite @leave @reject @rates @request
  2. Reaper

    TalesRO - Server Launch

    Welcome to Tales Of Ragnarok - A tale that never ends We would like to extend our welcome to you here in TalesRO. Our server is expected to launch March 2019. For starters, we are giving freebies to new adventurers. Its not much but our freebies will give you good start here. The freebies will be announce soon....